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This app will help you find the nearest locations for your get-together.

Find nearby places you must see and experience the electrifying atmosphere of the best gathering spots. Invite your friends to a quick getaway, a lazy coffee or a mind-blowing party. Organize events for people who are important to you or set the opportunity to get invited. Get the party started!

Special features for business owners

List your spot

If you want to be well-known and want to have a lot of guests then this is the application for you. Attract people with your events and let them know how unique your spot is.

Post local events

Make known local events to everybody and attract the fun-loving crowds that will make your day and boost your popularity.

Make a fan group

Gather the people that like your place and help them share information and impressions about your spot.

Share your events

Organize smashing parties or a cozy get-together so your guest feel like that is the place to be.

App Features

Place Detail

Find the relevant details you need about places you want to visit. Addresses, phone numbers are just a few swipes away, always available and always up to date. Rate the Ambiance at your place of choice, and let others know of the surroundings and status of the location.

Create Event

Celebrate, enjoy life and party ! Create a private event for your friends or an open one if you are looking to meet new people.

Find Party People

Find companions for parties and gatherings who share your interests. Why spend your time alone, when there is a whole world waiting for you?


Contact your friends or make new ones. Share your thoughts and impressions and be in the middle of every party.

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Make requests for whatever you need before, during, and after your stay.

Check in, Rate the Ambiance, Invite other peoples to the best places or events at the city

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